Pipi Acts aerials text

In these aerial acts, the performer is literally ‘dancing in the air’: suspended – on fabric, rope, a hoop, or on a trapeze. The performer’s grace, strength and flexibility are showcased, with a combination of mesmerizing shapes, feats of strength, and dramatic drops.

The aerial acts are all usually 4-7mins long, and can be tailored to suit a specific piece of music or length.
Longer, installation style performances can also be provided, on some of the equipment.





An ‘aerial ballet’ performed on two long lengths of fabric, suspended from the ceiling, up to a height of 10 metres or more. The aerialist climbs, hangs and drops – dancing in the air, with graceful movements and dramatic drops.









Lire/aerial hoop   



 A metal hoop is suspended in the air, with the performer moving with fluidity and grace on, around, and inside it. The hoop also spins, with the performer on, and inside it.










Aerial Spanish Web/Corde Lisse



 A performance on a rope – The performer climbs the rope, and twists it around her body to hang and drop. She also hangs from a hand or foot loop and gets spun around, going through various poses, whilst spinning at high speed.
(This act, if spinning is required, needs two performers – one aerialist, and one ‘spinner’).










Static trapeze. A bar, suspended from two ropes, with the dance performed over, under and around the trapeze bar. This can be performed as a solo or a duet.



Aerial Net 

A net, attached at a single point, that the performer moves in, under, and around.  


Low flying trapeze



Using a trapeze attached at a single point, rigged low to the ground (at head height, or lower). The trapeze swings, spins and circles, with the dancer performing under and over the trapeze bar. The dance is a seamless flow, into the air and back to the floor again. This can also be performed as a solo or as a duet.








Stilts trapeze

As for trapeze, but whilst wearing stilts! Crazy optical illusions, created by long legs, in the air. A truly unique act. This act is a solo performance.